Freight in February

FREIGHT IN FEBRUARY - 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th February

Freight in February is our month long celebration recreating the days when everything from coal to cauliflowers went by train!

Before motorways and HGVs if you wanted something moving, you turned to the railways.. experience these scenes long gone from our everyday lives.

Throughout each event learn about how the local railway station was a key part of life in almost every community and perhaps even have a parcel of your own transported along the line. Can you and your family follow the clues in our parcel treasure hunt to uncover more history of freight transport in the North East? Will you capture a timeless scene on camera?

Make sure to visit the 1854 built Marley Hill engine shed.

Normal ticket prices apply. Pontop Canteen, Andrews House station and East Tanfield station will all be open for refreshments.

Coals to Newcastle - Sunday 4th February

See and hear coal trains thundering through the countryside... something that generations of North East families saw every day but now a distant memory for most.

Delivered by Diesel - Sunday 11th February (NEW FOR 2018)

Our diesel locomotives, Ruston & Hornsby, Tyne Improvement Commission No.35 and Reyrolle & Co, No.2 operate a mixed train of passenger carriages and freight rolling stock today!

Branch Line Day - Sunday 18th February

Ride a typical branch line mixed train with waggons full of freight joining your passenger carriages. Keep an eye out for porters loading and unloading all manner of unusual items.

On the Waggon - Sunday 25th February

Take a space in a brake van and ride a freight train with the unique sights and sounds of waggons rumbling along with you.