WELLINGTON, Black Hawthorn & Co. Works No.266

WELLINGTON is an 0-4-0ST with 12 x 19″ outside cylinders and 3ft 2″ diameter wheels. She was works number 266 and was ex-works on 27/7/1873, named WELLINGTON, to Walter Scott, contractor, Newcastle upon Tyne, who was a specialist railway and public works contractor. By 1894 she had been sold to Holwell Ironworks Ltd, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, where she was renamed HOLWELL No.3 and rebuilt in 11/1894. In 1895 she moved to Holwell Iron Co Ltd, South Witham Limeworks, Lincolnshire, where she was rebuilt at Holwell in 11/1891 and 1/1912.

In about 1912 she moved to Stanton Ironworks Co Ltd, Buckminster Ironstone Quarries, Lincolnshire, where she was loaned to Frodingham Iron & Steel Co Ltd, Colsterworth East Mines, Lincolnshire on several occasions between 1921 and 1926. She was rebuilt for the fourth time at Holwell in 2/1935. Stanton moved her to Eaton Ironstone Quarries in Leicestershire in 3/1939 and to Harlaxton Ironstone Quarries, Lincolnshire, in 9/1940. In 8/1946 she was sold to Bowne & Shaw Ltd, Wirksworth Limestone Quarries, Derbyshire. Her later owners here were Tarmac Roadstone Holdings Ltd and she shared duties here with a more modern 0-4-0ST. She was in regular use here until the 1970s and was the oldest working steam locomotive in the country. Many enthusiasts came here to photograph her with her strange looking cab and much polished works plates, complete with her rebuilding dates.

In November 1977 she moved to Marley Hill for preservation and saw regular use here, on both passenger and demonstration freight trains (some of which included Black Waggons, with which Wellington looks very good indeed). In addition to regular tasks, Wellington was also used on Permanent Way trains, and saw use during the ballast laying process on the Sunniside Section of the railway. During her time in service, WELLINGTON was the oldest working steam locomotive in the world (FURNESS RAILWAY NO.20, which visited Tanfield during our 2008 Gala) was not operational at the time). In July 1998, WELLINGTON moved to Beamish Museum for display over a period of 8 Years, after which she returned to the Tanfield Railway in January 2006. Currently, WELLINGTON is stored in the 5-Road Shed alongside sister locomotive CITY OF ABERDEEN, both of which can be viewed on special event weekends, on request, and anytime the 5-Road Shed is open to the public.

Photo: WELLINGTON (left) with IRWELL in Marley Hill Shed

Status: Tank Off, Stored in 5-Road Shed