LOD 758206, Hunslet, Works No.2577

The railway is home to three Hunslet diesels of two different designs. The first two are 2 foot gauge 4wDM locos with 20 hp Ailsa Craig CF2 engines and weigh 3 tons. They were part of an order for several hundred locos for the Ministry of Supply and War Department during World War 2.

LOD 758206, Hunslet works number 2577, was ex-works from Hunslet Engine Works in Leeds on 28/4/1942 for the War Department. Where it worked is unknown, but it may have never been used. By 10/1959 it was acquired by Geo Cohen, Sons & Co Ltd, dealers of Kingsbury, Warwickshire. By 10/1972 it had been sold to Lonsdale Brick & Tile Co, Cumwhinton, Cumberland and in 8/1973 it went to Carlisle Engineering, Carlisle, who overhauled it. In 1/1981 it was sold to G Horsman, who used it on his private Slaggyford Light Railway in Cumbria. Bob Cant took over the line in 1982 and when it closed down, he moved the stock to Marley Hill in 7/2001. Also on the Slaggyford line was the next loco.

Status: Stored, Marley Hill, used occasionally for special events.