DEREK SHEPHERD, Hawthorn Leslie & Co. Works No.3872

DEREK SHEPHERD is a 4w-4wBE, built by Hawthorn Leslie, Newcastle Works as a 4w-4wWE, 230 hp, overhead wire electric powered loco, with works number 3872. As built she had 2ft 9ins diameter wheels and weighed 26 tons. Numbered LEP2, she was ex-works on 18/6/1936 to the Lancashire Electric Power Co Ltd, Kearsley Power Station, Manchester, where she joined a similar loco built by Hawthorn Leslie and later two more built by Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns, Newcastle. When the power industry was nationalised, her owners became the British Electricity Authority in 4/1948, Central Electricity Authority in 4/1955 and the Central Electricity Generating Board in 1/1958 and during this period she acquired the number 2 and was rebuilt as a 4w-4wWE/BE, overhead wire and battery electric powered loco at Kearsley.

After the Power Station closed in 1980, she and her sister loco 4 RSH Newcastle 7284, were sold about 1983, to Heysham Power Station, Lancashire, which was subsequently taken over by British Energy, Nuclear Electric Division. As there were no overhead electric lines here, she was rebuilt a second time to a purely 4w-4wBE battery powered loco by Ian Riley Engineering in 1993 and subsequently named DEREK SHEPHERD. She has now moved to Marley Hill, where she has rejoined her sister loco 3 from Kearsley Power Station, RSH Newcastle 7078 1944, which is still a 4w-4wWE.

Status: Not currently in use, Stored in 5-Road Shed